K'C Merch goes digital!

Hello, my favouritest people! 


Have you noticed a new tab at the top of the page? Of course you have! It's the Merch tab.

All the demo CDs, homemade bracelets and sexy posters we've been trying …

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A drummer, some photos & a gig

Hello, hello! 

How are you?!  I am in sunny Spain; writing silly little ukulele ditties by the pool.  I know, I know, but hold your disgust!  I have news. 

KES’ CONSCIENCE has a new drummer.  Yes, you…

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I remember everything

I know, I've been away a while. I do that sometimes. Not much to tell, really. I moved back to Brighton. My flat is lovely and I've joined a gym. I went to a music networking event and a…

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Wee teaser

Boys and girls and everyone else, I've got news!

Well, I do and I don't. I have news but I'm not telling you yet.  

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I knew Trump was coming so I baked a cake

Hello, wonderful people! 

It's been a horrible few weeks, hasn't it? I wrote a song about it and recorded a quick demo.

I think the tambourine and bongos really lend it something, don't you? (Nothing to do with the fact that I don't own a drum kit...)


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Merry Christmas! (I'm writing you a Resolution.)


Those Christmas songs I promised. As promised. 


Now, listen carefully: I sent these lovely Christmas presents out to our newsletter subscribers on Christmas Eve.  Subscribers get everything on time!  SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAILING LIST! 


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Long time no see!

Boys and girls, how I have missed you!  I've only myself to blame - I've been busy working too many jobs (although I quit Costa - hurrah!) and travelling up and down the country on thoroughly miserable business. 

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Hi there. It's me. Kes. Again. 

I'm sitting in a Caffé Nero... it's 3 minutes until closing time. It's raining. All of a sudden it feels like Autumn has begun in earnest. 

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Hiya - me again. :) 

I've come to update you on all the news!

So, our FB Live thing went quite well, didn't it?  If you're reading this on our homepage, there's a video above.  If you're…Read more